Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Welcome to the New World! — GeoManna

The GeoManna platform is a decentralized, socially funded ecosystem for direct peer-to-peer interaction.

95% of the created GM bonuses are distributed among all participants of the platform. The remaining 5% go to support the upkeep and development of the GeoManna platform.

Since all bonuses are equally distributed among participants, consumer power is encouraged.  Unlike traditional banking, which includes interest rates, commissions, intermediaries and regulation, the GM platform is democratic system and releases full control of funds back to the community.  In other words, GeoManna bonuses act as rewards for user activity.  This is done by means of the Proof-of-stake (PoS) method which facilitates confirmation of transactions between participants.  One bonus is used per platform participant per day for further exchange for goods and/or services.  As a result, all funds remain in the ecosystem and are not subject to third party infringement.

This is beneficial for consumers and businesses alike, since the system now creates wealth for its participants by means of POS.  The consumer now has greater spending power.  The business sector, on the other hand, now welcomes an increased customer base.  Last, but not least: With no intermediary, the GM platform can now facilitate a high speed of transfers minus traditional third-party commission, at low volatility. 1 GM will allows be equal to 1 USD.

The GeoManna platform is unique and has no analogues. The absence of competitors allows the platform to develop dynamically.  This means that the GM bonus structure  is firmly entrenched among leading crypto-assets.

GeoManna is designed to unite all decentralized users in one application, allowing users extreme flexibility.  Your finances are available at anytime from anywhere.

The positive qualities of the GeoManna platform and GM bonus are as such:

  • Honest distribution of bonuses between all participants;

  • No commission and interest rate within the platform;

  • High speed, anonymity and security of transfers;

  • Possibility of storage and accumulation with full control over its funds;

  • Absence of volatility with the link to the rate 1GM = 1USD;

  • Goods, services, loans and charity in one app;

  • Loan program for all participants in the platform.

By 2019, the number of users of the GeoManna platform will reach 100 million.

At the cost of one GeoManna bonus on pre-Sale 0.0002 Ethereum (ETH)

The collected funds after the pre-sales will be distributed in such way as:

60% - marketing, PR

20% - development

10% - referral program and bounty

10% - other operating and additional expenses

Referral program with the accrual of 10% of the referral investing.

The GeoManna platform is a New World in which users themselves create values

Join us and earn:

WEB: http://geomanna.com/

FB: https://lnkd.in/dRpJjHE

Twitter: https://lnkd.in/dBUegRm

Telegram: https://t.me/geomanna_gm

Source: https://www.prexly.com/blog/press-releases/welcome-to-the-new-world-geomanna/

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